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On understanding dogs -
"The Evolution of Social Behavior,"Roger Abrantes
"How Dogs Learn," Bailey and Burch
"Bones Would Rain from the Sky," Suzanne Clothier
"Oh Behave," Jean Donaldson
"The Culture Clash," Jean Donaldson
"Inside of a Dog," Alexandra Horowitz

On puppies -
"Raising a Behaviorally Healthy Puppy," Hetts & Estep
"The Perfect Puppy," Gwen Bailey
On training -
"Clicker Training: The Perfect Foundation," Kay Laurence
"Clicker World Obedience," Kay Laurence
"Don't Shoot the Dog," Karen Pryor

On behavior problems -
"Dogs on the Couch," Nicholas Domain"Dogs Home Alone," Roger Abrantes
"Fight," Jean Donaldson
"Mine," Jean Donaldson
"The Other End of the Leash," Patricia McConnell
"How to Behave so Your Dog Behaves," Sophia Yin
A Few Great Books