Barbara T. Dwyer, BS, Animal Behavior Therapy
Barbara graduated from the Ethology Institute in Cambridge, UK under her advisor, Roger Abrantes, PhD. Studies included: ethology, learning theory, training methodology, pathological behavior and practical examinations with multiple species. Her thesis was on the welfare benefits of training for pet store parrots.

She also graduated from Jean Donaldson's highly regarded Dog Trainers Academy at the San Francisco SPCA. After graduation, she completed an internship there on aggression.
With over 20 years of experience working in competitive obedience, group teaching, rescue and consultation, Barbara offers the unusual combination of experience and knowledge in multiple venues and with multiple species.

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Using positive, scientifically proven methods, we'll help
you train your dog, or other animal, to like to do things it now avoids and enthusiastically learn new behaviors that will improve your life together.  Whether it's a serious behavior problem or simply housetraining, we can help.  Learning is fun and fear-free using clicker training, desensitization and counter conditioning and other techniques that earn play, toys and treats.
Consultations focus on defining and prioritizing your goals.  We'll diagnose  problems and provide you with and individualized management and treatment plan.
See Spot Stay offers training in your home, mine or at the park.  Training walks and limited board and train are available.  We'll assist you with any aspect of your dog's training because . . .
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